Get past a defender – FIFA 16

By | August 6, 2015

High pressing isn’t that effective if you know how to buy Fifa 16 coins at the last second or have a semi-decent ability to skill (I’m talking 2* skills like body feints and stepovers) to get past a defender, you can really make people pay for pressing you too closely.

Pace is a lot stronger than 14 but it’s also easier to defend if you position yourself correctly (like defenders do in real life); it’s pretty easy to predict the patterns of pace abusers and you can easily cut them off and start a counter even with slow defenders like Terry and Mertesacker due to their good tackling skills. Lobs? Are you kidding me about lobbed through balls? They are perfectly fine the way they are.

They have been nerfed and it’s great. You need to time a lob perfectly. Last year I could spam it and be through for a 1v1. This year, the defender clears the lob 90% of the time and I can only use it in very specific situations. Try to switch your auto-switching settings to manual or “Air Balls” and maybe even turn up the auto-switch assist.


14 rewarded you so much more for playing like a cunt. The lobbed through balls and headers were impossible to stop. This year my only gripe is the goalkeeping for long shots and how stupid the AI is on loose balls where if you’re not controlling a player, they won’t go for a loose ball if the engine deems the ball to be too far away.

I’ve noticed the high pressure tactic also takes a lot more stamina this year, so I don’t know what you’re on about for them being fresh for 90 minutes. Most opponents who do this have their defenders at like <30% stamina at the end of the second half.

I’m a consistent D1 player and my record right now is 21-12-17. The way I look at it is; the game is just hard because everyone is in a low division and everyone has shitty teams. Eventually I’ll be able to actually afford two, well rounded teams and I won’t have the majority of the problems I do now. The one thing that I would always do in FIFA 14 was manually follow a run and then have a player pressure the man with cheap Fifa 16 coins. Don’t do that in this game, it leaves a big ass hole open.

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