FUT 16 Divisions on PC

By | August 4, 2015

Game 1: I was up 2-0 with 70% possession first half, only to end up tying 2-2 by the end of the game. It’s possible that the opponent just gotten better but I think it has more to do with massive lag that happened right after my 2nd goal. The Game went from completely lag free to having noticeable delay in every pass I make. The opponent’s 2nd goal was from a 40m lobbed through ball that I probably would have stopped if it wasn’t for the lag preventing me to switch players fast enough

Game 2: Ronaldo+high value IF squad, probably to buy Fifa 16 coins. otherwise a fair game at 0-0

Game 3: Opponent rage quits right after I score my 2nd goal. Game does not count
Game 4: Again, rage quit right before I was about to score. Game does not count

Game 5-7: By this time I was getting really frustrated that I started to make a lot of mistakes. I ended up losing twice and a tie.

Game 8:Squad with 9 TOTY players, including TOTY Messi/Ronaldo. Obviously a coin farmer. Why learn to play the game when you can farm coins and have players that can do everything for you? Managed to tie 1-1. Immediately after I scored, game freezes for couple of seconds and game starts to lag. I am guessing he was trying to rage quit and win the game while he was still ahead, but he was a little too late.


So out of 8 games I played, there was definitely cheating on 2 games, and possible foul play(lag switching) on 1 game, and 1 game where the opponent had massive squad advantage due to cheating. That’s easily 6-8 league points that I got denied. The game is frustrating enough already with friendly rolls amount of pace/lob abuse in the game, but add cheating into the mix, it really throws you off the game.

As if that’s not bad enough, sometimes you can’t even get a match going at all, because every opponent you face are coin farmers who quits the moment game starts.

So EA is doing a lot of things to fix the market, which is great, but as I’ve mentioned before, there is no sign that EA is actually doing to fix the cheat. They’ve managed to stop coin selling, but the fundamental problem that exist in PC market is still there, and will probably continue to exist on PC, and I am afraid market will be fucked up next year also. As long as people can farm coins, they will find ways to sell coins. Who knows, if trading coins is too much of a hassle, sellers might start selling the bots instead.

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