FIFA 16 Potential Players Ratings: Real Madrid

By | August 11, 2015

So you’re telling me Illaramendri and Navas get an upgrade even though they barely played. Also I can guarantee Ronaldo will not be 94 because if he didn’t get upgraded after last season I doubt he will get one after this season.

Did you base these ratings off of anything in particular? I can’t help but notice that every single player has either stayed the same or been upgraded without any downgrades.

Although Ronaldo has had a great year, I can’t see him being higher than 93 next year. Here are the player ratings from the latest H2H update, which is usually how EA determines player ratings for next year.

Form is represented by the +/- on H2H ratings. For example, Isco is 83 rated on the latest H2H update, with a +2 for his recent form, giving him an 85 rating based on form. If this was the end of FIFA 15 and FIFA 16 ratings were coming out, I would expect him to be 83 rated based on his H2H rating, not 85 rated based on form.


H2H updates are a sort of point in time snapshot of what the player should be rated. EA will usually take the H2H ratings at the end of the year and make some minor tweaks for next year’s UT ratings.

The fact that players like Bale and Casillas hasn’t been downgraded just goes to show that EA doesn’t really know what’s going on with your Fifa 16 account. Hell, despite him being as deadly in front of goal as ever, even Ronaldo could be in for a downgrade for 16. His dribbling at least should be nerfed heavily. He’s not even close to being comparable to the best dribblers in world football nowadays.

Modric and James are the only ones who truly deserve to be upgraded as I see it. Varane is a decent shout too, but he’s had some true horror shows during the season, despite his obvious talent.

Ronaldo 94? you have to be kidding me, based on what exactly?
He’s shooting stats are near perfect already, and he has completed less dribbles this season so arguably, so no way he will go up.

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