FIFA 16: passing and holding the ball

By | August 7, 2015

I find that if I play seriously and try my best I can win almost any time. Not wrecking, but still. For exmaple I just ran around doing goofy things and lost to chelsea 5-0, and a game afterwards I beat arsenal and then liverpool. So I think WC is hard BUT if you think about what you’re doing and try your best it’s playable.

If you need some hints -
I find that passing the ball and holding is really important. If I try to send the ball to my strikers a lot, they usually have around ~60% possession. At that point im just getting annoyed of loosing Fifa 16 coins, and I just rush around trying to take the ball. 10 seconds after they lead 1-0. So if I play slow, rational passing game I tend to get easier more secure positions to score and usually I end up with higher possession than the other team. Never rush with your defenders, try to pressure with the middle fielders.

if the ball gets near the the goal, I tend to just click X and lead the player with the L3 button. Barely trying to pick the ball unless its a sure steal, because if its not… you concede.


So if you play slow possession game, play smart and dont rush with your defenders, I think you can win in WC.

was struggling on world class when the game first came out, but then started to mess with the game tactics and started realizing that playing ‘long ball’ tactic with good passing defenders and fast & strong strikers began working against the ‘world class’ level defense. you’ll get a lot of offsides calls, but every game you should get at least 2 chances to be 1v1 against the goalie and finesse it into the near post. you also need to play much better defense by using the help defense button (R2/RB) and playing off the ball with your Fifa 16 coins ps3 to intercept passes. let me know if this works for you at all…

Another tip that has worked for me: I don’t even bother defending against the ball with my player anymore. I use a cpu controlled player of my team to defend the cpu player with the ball and use the player I control to cover the open spaces. (obviously i have automatic player switches turned off completely)

I also tried this online but it seems that it doesn’t work when there is even just the smallest amount of lag, the cpu controlled player you use to press is always late, so i don’t do it anymore.

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