FIFA 16: massive speed bursts

By | August 24, 2015

What tends to happen from game to game is that the main exploitable tactic gets a nerf but a new exploit arises from somewhere. Fifa 14 had the ridiculous right-angle crosses from the corner flag to perfect arching-backwards headers straight into the top corner. Fifa 15 has massive speed bursts for fast attackers and the frustrating tackling mechanics without Fifa 16 coins ps4. I can’t remember Fifa 13′s main exploit but it was gone by the next game, so we can fairly safely assume the Doumbia’s and Sturridge’s won’t be quite as strong next year (OK not that safely assume).

Something new will come out though, could be long shots, overhead kicks, OP keepers, whatever, and it will be every bit as frustrating. Improvements in some areas are offset by new deficiencies in others and it’s been that way since the impact engine came in. I think Fifa 12 actually used the engine best and had the least amount of randomness, and is probably the last Fifa game I remember not being perpetually frustrated with

Despite the finesse shots, I still liked FIFA 12 more than most. At least the finesse shots were somewhat defendable. They were very reliable and if you stopped players cutting in on their dominant foot you could stop it.

A much better exploit to deal with than shitty goalkeepers or OP headers and over the top throughballs


Very true about 12 op finesses. it made for some really fun bronze games though. it’s literally all i played in 12. my first fut and i had about 300 bronze games with an MLS team. I’d just rotate guys in off the bench for a game or two. honestly it was way more fun than any of the fifas for me after that. i remember i sniped a trinedad and tobago dc that usually went for 10k for like 1k and the dilemma of if i should resell or play cause at that time the most Fifa coins i ever at once was maybe 5k and it was an amazing feeling.

if they loosened up the game play a bit and gave us bronze seasons or something i’d probably play that all the time again without question.

While I’ve seen many of these problems happen, I generally think r/FIFA blows these out of proportion. If you play 5 minute halves and you play 600 hours a year, that’s equivalent to 3600 matches a year.

Watch 3600 matches of the Premier League. And consider that there are only 380 matches a year. So we’re talking about over 9 years of play. Don’t you think you’d see goofy fouls called, silly goalie own-goals, and teammates taking the ball off one another over 9 years of games? Of course you would.
Now, perhaps the issue is that these things happen too often in the video game. That hasn’t been my experience, but it’s possible. Even if that’s the case, these wacky things shouldn’t be completely eliminated from the game.
When the programmers created a physics engine that made it possible for teammates to accidentally take the ball from another teammate’s control, that’s probably what they had in mind — shit happens and sometimes the ball takes an unexpected bounce.

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