FIFA 16: invest and trade

By | August 1, 2015

Any suggestion as to who/what I should invest/trade in from now to next market crash to make a little profit? I invested on IF Eriksen and it’s selling a lot quicker than expected (bought for 13k-20k during crash and selling for 25k+ on PC), and at this rate I will have most of my Fut 16 coins back in few days. I am thinking of investing on discard price IF (IF Hilton and IF Ari) and make a little profit, and avoid any risky investments. Do you have any other suggestions?

Also, in your opinion, how much coins would a really good trader be able to accumulate up to this point? The reason I ask is because the PC market is full of cheaters and I kind of wanted to get a picture of what an elite trader can make vs what cheaters can make.


Hey So I know this post is somewhat old, but could you explain some things for me? First, was the market crash you were talking about 2 weeks ago? Also, Im new to FUT, only about a month or 2 in and am still learning the ropes. So secondly, I bought Nasri a few weeks back for 3.5k (lowest at the time), and now that I want to sell, I’ve realized his price has decreased a fair amount. Is this from that crash you were talking about and his value hasn’t bounced back yet? Lastly, Assuming I have around 20-25k to spend when this crash happens, what lower end players could I target? I would really appreciate the help since Im new to all this and could use some guidance

Hey Guys i was wondering what price bracket players i should invest in during TOTY. I have around 1.3Mil on Ps4 and want to build a good bpl team. I’d like to make some Fifa 16 coins aswel by buying players to sell after toty but dont know who. Do u think i should buy an expensive player such as Ibra or would i be better buying lots of players for eg, sturridge/ramires who are around 35k?

Considering last mini-crash Tevez’s price dropped to 386K, we expect a price of in the region of 340K for SIF Tevez this coming TOTY crash. Say he manages to bounce back to his current 520K thats potentially 180K in un-taxed revenue. Not the most, I agree, however a substantial profit none-the-less.

I think we can expect this crash to be the biggest we have seen to date in FIFA 15.

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