FIFA 16 gameplay engines

By | August 10, 2015

Just an FYI for people who don’t know, EA just swaps the gameplay engines every other year. I predicted crossing and headers would be OP, because that’s what EA do.

People complain about headers in FIFA 12, make pace-abuse the name of the game in 13. People complain about that, just make headers OP again. Oh, people are complaining again, let’s make pace-abuse the thing in 15. Now, we are back to headers in 16. Unless EA Sports does a massive 180 degree turnaround, expect to see pace-whoring in FIFA 17.

These are the “NEW” gameplay improvements every year, and we’re all suckers for thinking anything but a minor detail is changed in gameplay every year. We’ll be paying $60 for a reskin and slightly better graphics and layout than FIFA 14. Oh, and women’s teams that the majority of players will test once.

It isn’t at all, I’ve scored less than 10 proper headers in over 500 games lol. And I’ve really tried to score too. It just isn’t effective in my experience. It needs to be exactly in between 14 and 15. TOTS Icardi has scored about 3 headers for me, from what I remember, and he is one of the best in the game at it.


What do you mean by proper headers? Do you mean crossing the ball to an open spot where your forward is running and scoring with a header or do you mean the OP, just stand there and your striker will somehow get his head on the ball in a way that scores a goal header from 14? I’ve scored plenty of headers in 15 and I really don’t send too many crosses in.

You mean unusable, only guy I’ve had the opportunity to score consistent headers with Fifa 16 coins android, close to everyone else is unusable for heading, it’s really unbalanced in my opinion. Then again I’ve never tried next-gen but does anyone feel this on next-gen?

That first goal (by Suarez) is really concerning since the ball perfectly went to his head like there is a magnet. There is this dipping motion just as the ball gets close to the attacker. That is concerning especially for someone like me who plays career mode majority of the time. Even with a lot of cheap Fifa 16 coins, the number of CPU header goals with perfect crosses is unrealistically high. The offline games will be unplayable with these unstoppable crosses.

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