FIFA 16: coins increased significantly

By | August 5, 2015

Now, I was planning on continuing this to see how far I could go but I found out today I’ll be traveling for work and won’t be able to access my FIFA for two months :( Hence I thought I’d share with you what I currently have. As I mentioned, the need to dish out Fifa 16 coins increased significantly in Div 4.

For eg, Bridcutt had been a great player to play with but I needed somebody like Matic who was just an all-round upgrade on Bridcutt. Similarly, Welbeck start to be more exposed against players who could actually use their Ramos and Kompany properly and I had to buy Sturridge to counter those defenders. De Gea was massive in the couple of games I played with him and made some saves that I don’t think Fabianski would have made.

I did not sell the players who contracts ran out. I did this to be able to keep a record of how much I bought them for. There weren’t a lot- I think Nabil Fekir was the only one I bought who had 7 contracts (because I really wanted to play with his upgraded card) but everyone else had a lot. I also lucked out with some purchases- of note was my cheeky bid of 400 on a Kyle Walker with 99 contracts which actually went through!!!


In terms of what this means for FIFA 16, based on my experience above, I am all for price ranges provided EA manages to weed out the coin sellers once and for all. I feel like the idea of being able to afford better players only if you’ve put in time in FUT is a good one (alternatively, you know, you could be super rich and gamble with Fifa 16 account in which case EA would gladly take your money).

I am curious to see how I would have fared if teams were actually on the same level as me (there’s just way too many IF and SIF and TOTY cards out there). I also felt that some IF like IF Perrin and IF Menez were affordable for me and I was planning on trying them out before my experiment got cut short.

Phew, that’s a lot of words. Hopefully it adds some numbers to a debate that has largely been qualitative. Let me know if you have any questions about anything.

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