All stats gold attribute cards of FIFA 16

By | August 8, 2015

over the course of opening over 8m in packs this FUT ive collected a mass amount of attribute cards and honestly the only real game to game advantage is to mentally psyche out your opponent when they see them. Ive done experiments using over 200+ +10 all stats gold attribute cards with all the managers so they’re actually +15 all stats. I’ll break it down my results for you, I made a Steroid Ronaldinho post a while back which touched on it briefly. All the experiments were done in online tournaments and online season.

Attribute cards used on one player work. They really do and if used on the right player it does give an advantage. However the game handicaps you if you use them every game. I played over 30 games with a steroid Ronaldinho and he would be downright awful for half of them. Rarely if ever did he actually feel like his new stats for more than 2 games in a row.

I then experimented using them with every player on the team at once. This is such a rookie mistake I see in tournaments. Pretty much every time i used them on the whole starting 11 I ended up losing your Fifa 16 coins. Missed passes and seemingly impossible to hold the ball. Everyone ran around the field erratically it felt like trying to control a wild horse. Idk why this experience is different for you when you face a team like this but i would venture to say its cause you just psyche yourself out. Also when your whole team is on attribute cards 9 times out of 10 you will be matched up with a team that also is using multiple attribute cards and/or has multiple IFs,TOTS,TOTYs. The most effective way to use attribute cards i’ve found is to use one of them on a starting 11 player and one on a sub.

The game for some reason doesnt register that there are 2 players with attribute cards so it doesnt handicap you as much. I’ve used them in games where i was on the verge of relegation/promotion and in some cup finals. They always come through.


NOW if up until now you arent convinced or simply dont believe me that EA would handicap your players when you abuse attribute cards by using them on your whole team or on one player every game i’ll break it down for you easy using pure logic. Right now 87 rated Aguero is like 60k on PSN. +10 all gold attribute cards are like 1k each (idk if thats exact but lets say it is for arguments sake). TOTS Aguero is like 1.5m mil. A roided up +10/15 Aguero has better stats than a TOTS Aguero. Now lets assume that you will play 100 games with an Aguero. The cost of an 87 roided up Aguero for 100 games will run you 160k Fifa coins. Thats an average cost of 1.6k per game. A regular TOTS Aguero would run you 1.5m or an average of 15k per game. Now if attribute cards really were OP as you think they are dont you think everyone would have caught on by now and stopped buying expensive players when they simply could have just bought their regular versions plus attribute cards?

There is a reason why people dont do this and its because it doesnt work. And its because EA doesnt want it to work because if people suddenly found a loophole in the system by using attribute cards then no one would bother trying to open packs anymore for the super rare ultra good players which would in turn lose them money. I know a lot of people dont believe EA handicaps the game in any way but based on my experiments using 200+ attribute cards at least related to attribute cards they definitely do handicap and given the frequency of how often attribute cards are in packs they should be handicapping if theyre abused. I encourage everyone who is skeptical to try it out themselves.

TL;DR: Its all in your head. A team of all roided up cards is easy pickings, the game will most likely work in your favor. It wouldnt make sense for EA to let attribute cards work every game or be abused because then people would simply buy regular player and cheap attribute cards instead of splurging on high rated and special players.

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