10 things that need fixing for FIFA 16

By | August 3, 2015

[b]1)[/b] Goalkeepers. They make too many mistakes and let in too many stupid goals.

[b]2)[/b] High Pressure/Agression. It is unrealistic and just flat out dumb that you are able to do this for 90 minutes with no negative effect on stamina. Multiple players hounding you do for 90 minutes and players like Navas committing perfect tackles.

[b]3)[/b] Penalties. They happen too frequently. Both conceding and receiving. Most of it is down to dumb AI and stupid physics engine that gives penalties for players who run into each other.

[b]4)[/b] Getting hacked down and not getting a foul constantly. You don’t even see a red when someone two-foots you if it’s a front challenge. The ref also does nothing when you’re constantly fouled all game. Unless it’s a behind challenge

[b]5)[/b] Goalkeepers need to be able to get red cards. As it is, they can hack you down, or wipe you out when you want to buy Fifa 16 coins and receive nothing because EA knows nobody has a GK on their bench.


[b]6)[/b] Longshots are broken. Everybody can shoot from distance. Doesn’t matter who it is. Even your fullbacks can shoot from distance in this game.
[b]7)[/b] Player swtiching. Sometimes it won’t switch to a player you want and you’ll concede a goal because of it. Some times it switches on you when you’re already controlling a player and you concede because of it.

[b]8)[/b] Fix passing. Players with crap passing stats should not be able to play a perfect 50 yard through ball.

[b]9)[/b] Defenders stepping out for no reason when a through ball is played. It’s dumb especially when you’re not even controlling him

[b]10)[/b] Instructions don’t work. Stay back while attacking does nothing as the player just bombs forward anyway

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